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Republicans want smaller government for the same reason that criminals want fewer cops.        If your strategy depends on having fewer people show up to vote, that is not a sign of strength. That is a sign of weakness.        #Black Lives Matter      Democrats Support Economic Fairness, Social Justice, and Equal Opportunity for All Americans           “In this world of sin and sorrow there is always something to be thankful for; as for me, I rejoice that I am not a Republican.”         The Republicons moan, the Republicons bitch. Our rich are too poor and our poor are too rich.
Martin County Democrats

Coming Events. Save the Dates!

Dinner With Democrats

Next Meeting: Saturday, November 7th, 6:00 pm

Where: Miles grant CC

The Martin County Democratic Club Meeting

When: Wednesday, September 2nd, 6:30 PM
Where: Best Western Hotel (Hibiscus Room), 1209 SE Highway One in Stuart.
Speaker: Mary Jane Range.

Program: Her subject will be Florida state government.

October 13. Martin County Democratic Club's Fall Classic, 5:30 PM at Lil Bit of Brooklyn, 751 NW Federal Hwy, Stuart.

Meetings are free and open to the public.
Everyone is encourage to participate.

For information please contact David Cross at (772) 286-1450 or mcdemclub@gmail.com

Join Here: Democratic Club Membership Application



Women’s Club Meeting

Next Meeting: Saturday, September 12th, Social: 10:00 am, Program: 10:30 am

Where: Stuart Lodge, 1301 S.E. Palm Beach Road, Stuart, Florida 34994

Program: This will be a Field Trip Tour and Working Committees Meeting. I have placed an order for finger sandwiches for the DWC members for this meeting. Sandwiches will, be served and the Stuart Lodge will supply coffee and water. Gloria will pick up and deliver the sandwiches for us. Please plan to attend and inform others of the location for this month only. Learn about this new facility in our own neighborhood of Martin County. Once Again Thank You To Each Of You For Your Continued Support,
Faye James

Please do not forget your food items for those less fortunate. We have a continuing community effort and the food pantries we support are so very grateful as are the families they support. See you Saturday!.

For additional information contact: Roberta Virta, Second Vice President Home: 772/692-2792 Cell: 772/284-8418 robertavirta@att.net

September 17-20. Democratic Women's Club of Florida Convention at the Hilton Cocoa Beach in Cocoa Beach, FL. More information here.

Join: Democratic Women’s Club Application
Our mailing address is:
Post Office Box 592
Stuart, FL 34995.

Black Caucus Meeting

Next Meeting: Saturday, September 19th, 6:00 pm

Where: The Gertrude Walden Day Care Center, 601 SE Lake Street, Stuart, FL. MAP

Program: Precinct 6, 7 & 8 Canvas

For additional information contact: Lloyd Jones

Democratic Executive Committee

Next Meeting: Monday, September 21st, 7:00 pm
Meets the third Monday of every month at 7:00 pm at the Democratic HQ...... More

FDP State Convention Information

• October 30- November 1.Florida Democratic Party State Convention at the Disney Yacht & Beach Club Resort in Orlando.


The Martin County Democratic Executive Committee herewith resolve that, in coming elections for Florida State Representative, State Senator, Martin County Commission and other local elections, we will not support or endorse any candidate who takes money or in-kind donations indirectly from PACs’ who support “Big Sugar” or directly from the following “Big Sugar” companies or their associates and affiliates.

Public Meetings and Clubs

Democratic Club of Jupiter, Juno Beach, Tequesta & Hobe Sound
(PB North County Democratic Club)

The North County Democratic Club (of Palm Beach County) meets monthly on the third Thursday, 7:00pm, at the PALM BEACH GARDENS LIBRARY, 11303 Campus Drive, Palm Beach Gardens 33410 ~ (561) 626-6133.

Club goals are to help stimulate active interest in political & governmental affairs, promote Democratic candidates, plus promote community service programs.

For more information contact Roxanne Harris, Pres, roxipower63@yahoo.com.

Martin County

Martin County Commission
Every Tuesday, 9:00 am at the County Commission Building
All County Commission Meetings are Open to the Public: County Public Meetings Search

Messages and Opinions

Our Mission

To operate and maintain a grassroots network of people that is open, inclusive and accessible to all; a community organization that reaches out to all races, sexes, minorities and youth, increasing participation by Democrats in local issues and elections and serving as the focus for election of Democrats to local, state and national offices.

Application For Precinct Captain


The Martin County Democrats are dedicated to building the party, communicating core democratic principles to the public, and the recruitment and support of local candidates.
Your support is vital to our success as we prepare for the challenges of the next elections. Please consider donating to support our efforts.
For donation by check, please make payable to the “Martin County DEC” and mail to PO Box 159, Stuart, FL 34995.

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The Email Campaign Archive: See the latest and what you might have missed.

Tallahassee Attacks our Rivers. Read Here

What is A.L.E.C? A Threat To Democracy! Read Here

The Powell Memo: A Call-to-Arms for Corporations Read Here

Patrick Murphy: First Year In Office Demonstrates Accomplishments, Independent-Thinking, and Keeping His Promises Read Here

GOP Fallacies on Obamacare: The greatest hits

Republicans have enjoyed themselves immensely during the Affordable Care Act’s bungled rollout, but most of the claims they’re making are preposterous and phony. Since anyone able to take a longer view knows we’ll one day be well past Obamacare’s self-inflicted wounds, I’d like as a public service to catalog the GOP’s shabbiest arguments, so we’ll all have a handy reference once the worm fully turns.


The Affordable Care Act is popular here. Florida has the second-highest rate of signups in the nation--only behind California. This is freaking amazing, considering that Rick Scott, the legislature, and our attorney general are working as hard as they can to make it as difficult as possible. People in this state are getting healthcare who never had it before.
The benefits of ACA for seniors are real: A $250M investment to fight fraud, the requirement that insurance companies offer free preventive care (like colorectal cancer) and the fact that the ACA finally CLOSES the medication donut hole!

The Real Numbers On 'The Obamacare Effect' Are In

After years of negative speculation on the part of the opponents of Obamacare, hard data is finally coming in with respect to the anticipated negative side-effects of the law.

While most all would agree that there are some repairs that need to be made to the Affordable Care Act, workable fixes designed to benefit the public and improve American healthcare cannot happen so long as politicians, pundits and special interests are devoted to lying about what Obamacare means and what it does not mean to the American public.

The results are guaranteed to both surprise and depress those who have built their narrative around the effort to destroy the Affordable Care Act.

Just How Low Can the Republican Party Go?

Never before in American history have we seen a political party so completely dominated and controlled by its extremist wing; and never before have we seen a political party that brings together the attributes of nihilism, heartlessness, radicalism and naked partisanship quite like the modern GOP. In a two-party system like America’s, the result is unprecedented dysfunction.

What’s It Like to Wake Up From a Tea Party Binge? Just Ask Florida!

Kids locked up in nursing homes. Leaky sewers. Mosquitoes unleashed. The Sunshine State has buyer’s remorse. Florida is where the rhetoric becomes the reality. It’s kind of the tea party on steroids. Support for Scott and the GOP is plummeting as Floridians see anti-government governance at work. But it may be too late for buyer’s remorse. After two years at the helm, the tea party’s legacy is likely to far outlast the movement. More

End The Violence with Common-sense Changes in Gun Policies

President Obama has announced his plan to better protect our children and our communities by reducing gun violence in America.

Take a look at the President’s plan to reduce gun violence, and stand with him in support:
Stand With The President

The Case for Obama: Why He Is a Great President.

What can be said without equivocation is that Obama has proven himself morally, intellectually, temperamentally, and strategically. In our lifetime, or our parents’, he is easily the best president. On his own terms, and not merely as a contrast to an unacceptable alternative, he overwhelmingly deserves reelection... This is Why

Washington Post Editorial: The Republicans are the Problem

A Strong Middle-class Society Requires a Strong Union Movement

Unions make the middle class strong by ensuring workers have a strong voice in both the market and in our democracy.
But as unions became weaker over the past four decades, they are less and less able to perform these functions–and the middle class withered.
Union Membership
When unions are strong they are able to ensure that workers are paid fair wages, receive the training they need to advance to the middle class, and are considered in corporate decision-making processes. Unions also promote political participation among all Americans, and help workers secure government policies that support the middle class, such as Social Security, family leave, and the minimum wage.

So, you’re a Republican that hates taxes?
102 Things NOT To Do If You Hate Taxes

Top 10 Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Attacks on Women’s Rights

The Right Wing decided it wanted to play Monday Morning Quarterback with lady parts this year.
Here are our Top 10 Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Attacks on Women’s Rights (just in the last 6 months!)

After Over a Decade in Charge, What Have Rickpublicans Done for Florida? Click to find out.

GOP Voter Suppression Bills

Bill Clinton on Republican Efforts to Suppress Voter Rights:
“There has never been in my lifetime, since we got rid of the poll tax and all the Jim Crow burdens on voting, the determined effort to limit the franchise that we see today.”

Bill Clinton likens GOP effort to Jim Crow laws
With Voter Suppression, the Right Wing Rolls Out a Dubious, Nationwide Attack on Americans
Voter Suppression Bills Sweep the Country
Voting Rights Act
Voter suppression
Through ALEC, Global Corporations Are Scheming to Rewrite YOUR Rights and Boost THEIR Revenue

"If your strategy depends on having fewer people show up to vote, that is not a sign of strength. That is a sign of weakness." President Obama

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